Ceramic Tile Walk in Showers

Ceramic Tile Walk in Showers

Among the materials used to craft bathrooms there are few that hold the appeal of ceramic tile. It’s cheap, effective and easy to replace if something goes wrong with a tile or two out of the job. When designing your custom walk in shower, seriously consider the use of ceramic tile. Ceramic tile walk in showers can be matched to any bathroom theme as tiles come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Options that are even more creative are available too: mosaics can make a simple but comfortable bathroom a masterpiece work of art. Ceramic tiles are versatile and that’s why people prefer them.


Why Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is cheap. Not by quality standards or aesthetic value but by pounds per dollars, ceramic tile is among the least expensive materials one can use to waterproof and renovate their existing bathroom flooring and walls. Ceramic tile is actually quite the contrary of chintzy: it lasts years with proper maintenance and installation and can be arranged in patterns and color schemes that you as the homeowner like. In the case of ceramic tile walk in showers, clean-up is a breeze. Simply squeegee away the water to any of the floor-mounted drains and gravity will take care of the rest. A great tile layer will be able to angle the ends of the floor on a slight declining grade so that water naturally flows towards the drain. Best of all, when a ceramic tile job gets older and starts to wear, it’s not like having wallpaper fall down and needing all new wallpaper. You can buy the individual tiles that crack or come loose and re-apply them right where they came out. Adhering tiles back to their original place can save you money by preventing water leakage and the job is cheap and simple with a bottle of marine epoxy.

The Convenience Factor

Ceramic tile walk in showers aren’t preferred just because ceramic is simple, cheap and pretty: the convenience of a walk in shower makes it a winner no matter out of what it’s crafted. Disenchanted grumbling and groggy thoughts result in dragging feet frequently. When entering a typical shower, even the brainless task of lifting your legs over the bathtub wall can seem laborious. In a walk in shower you just swing the door open, (if your style of walk in shower uses a door at all) and turn on your water. Once the jets of water hit you, you begin to wake up and feel rejuvenated.

Basic Care – Longer Life

Provided a few basic steps to preserve the life of ceramic tile walk in showers you can extend the longevity of your investment for years. Wipe down tile grout after the use of your shower. This will keep mildew from forming. Regularly treat your grout for mildew and also run drain fluid down your drains to prevent clogs from forming. If you take basic preparatory maintenance of your shower it will pay off in the long run.

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