Doorless Walk In Showers

Doorless Walk In Showers

While many popular designs for walk in showers are enclosed models that feature a variety of luxuries, there are custom designed, doorless walk in showers can be outfitted into your bathroom for either space or style, too. Because of the simple design of a walk in shower it is convenient in the groggy morning to hop in without a hassle. So long as the timely, regularly-scheduled maintenance of a walk in shower is up kept it will remain pristine for years. Also, since the typical doorless walk in showers offer a wide range of privacy options that don’t make use of either glass or plexi-glass doors that easily break under minimal stress; like those that the enclosed walk in shower models feature.

Convenient Access

We’ve all been in that foggy state right after getting up; our eyes don’t want to open, the pillow seems extra comfortable and none of the gears of the mind begin turning upon the first groggy survey of your surroundings. At points like these when even the basic task of lifting a leg up to get into the bathtub/ shower combo in your bathroom (and most homes) is atrocious. With doorless walk in showers, convenient access is steps away once you’re in the bathroom. These types of showers are also wonderful for those with cases of claustrophobia as the enclosed space between a shower curtain and wall can feel a little “tight”. Exposed to the full, open splendor of a well-designed bathroom, your showers can be private while still giving you the experience of freedom in range of motion as you wake up slowly but surely in the water.

Proper Maintenance

Keeping a clean shower is important regardless of whether you’re working with a walk in shower or a typical bathtub/ shower combination. Proper maintenance of both requires drying down the shower walls and basin after use and treating the drain for clogs regularly while treating the grout for mildew. With the doorless walk in showers there’s never any door to clean or hinges to replace in the case of rust. Proper maintenance of a walk in shower is certainly less expensive and time-taking as a bathtub/ shower combo mostly because there’s less surface area exposed to the shower water and fewer parts mean less maintenance of the long run.

Less To Break, Less to Replace

Simply put, if your shower doesn’t have a door and encroaching, flimsy walls, you’re less likely to ruin in resulting in the need to replace it. Falls happen in showers and not all walk in showers are cut from the same jib. If you look into getting a professional to set waterproof, polished stone tiles in your custom built walk in shower versus buying an enclosed unit, obviously you’re going to have fewer problems later. Often times simpler is better: if you want a long lasting but beautiful doorless walk in shower, you’ll find that the manufactured enclosed “luxury” showers don’t hold up like the work from a professional contractor.

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