Walk In Showers With Seats

Walk In Showers With Seats

For the comfort and convenience of those who want more out of their typical showering experience, walk in showers with seats are available to assist the elderly and serve those who just don’t feel like getting up all the way in the morning. By converting your bathtub/ shower combo with a walk in shower featuring a seat you’ll not only be able to sit comfortably during your cleansing ritual but you also can get situated in seats that offer a little more like massages!

Take a Seat

Imagine the worst morning ever: you simply can’t tear yourself away from bed and when you finally do, there’s nothing that you want to do more than drag your feet and slump unceremoniously. Now take a minute and think about how being able to sit down during your morning

shower can help rejuvenate you. Sleeping is typically done lying down and people generally have three stages of comfort – standing up at attention, sitting down or lying down. It makes the most sense to gradually wake up by going from lying to sitting first, then from sitting to handling your day’s affairs. Not only will taking a seat in the shower help you slowly regain your physical strength and stretch out, you’ll also be waking up as the water beats against you from the shower. Once you’re clean and washed up, chances are that miserable morning will be a little better provided the opportunity to sit, clean up, steam off and gradually come into your day.

Massaging Seats

Not all seats are cut from the same marble as they say: if you’re looking for a bit more of a luxurious experience from your showering environment, massaging seats can be outfitted that are waterproof. In addition to mechanically massaging seats there are seats that use hydro power to massage away your troubles. Small but high powered jets shoot beams of water up and down your back in synchronous patterns resulting in a tremendously unwinding massage. Depending on budget and what you find out while researching available massaging seats you’ll be able to find one that fits ideally in any walk in showers with seats. As though the steam and water from a shower weren’t therapeutic enough, combine them with the high intensity of a massage and you’ll find why those that get hydro massages never go back!

Great for the Wheelchair Bound

Ideally, walk in showers with seats were originally designed to assist the wheelchair bound and handicapped. Because of their physical limitations, disabled folks often would have difficulty getting into a comfortable position within bathtub/ shower combinations. As dirt and grime constantly washes off of bodies onto the floor and into the drain of the bathtub, sitting on the floor may have been possible for the nimble folks with leg disabilities but still, it’d be awfully degrading. Having a seat in which those with paralysis or disabilities of the legs can hop over to and catch the shower water is just plain common sense.

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