Small Walk In Showers

Small Walk In Showers

Not every bathroom can fit an enormous bathtub in order to convert over to being a full bathroom: that doesn’t mean it still can’t convert. There are plenty of small walk in showers that can be installed easily in a bathroom that lacks the space to accommodate a tub. Stand-alone showers made in the dimensions of little over the width of a human being allow homeowners to benefit from increased home value by being able to claim a full bathroom when selling that had only been a half bathroom upon being purchased.

Space Saving Efficiency Showers

A major advantage that can tempt buyers of a house with any number of small walk in showers in bathrooms throughout is the efficiency of these units. Built tightly sealed,

small walk in shower units will be designed to drain properly every time. So long as foreign particulate like hair and dirt doesn’t block up the drain of these tiny wash holes, they’ll keep you clean time and time again without backing up or flooding. Another reason these units are efficient is because of their water usage. Low-flow shower heads help keep water utility costs down and intuitive plumbing keeps leaks from wasting water throughout your days.

Practical Shower Heads for Small Areas

Since a quick conversion to a full bathroom by using your favorite design of small walk in showers is all about increased efficiency and increased home value, use the low-flow shower head every time. This ingenious invention cuts water use tremendously and still provides ample water pressure to rinse your hair. In cases when small walk in showers are used as chemical bath emergency showers for science labs though, don’t use low-flow. There will be specific requirements for the installation of emergency shower stalls so be sure to review them prior to installation. For typical installations of small walk in showers for residences there’s no better way to save money and water than using a low-flow shower head.

Converting a Half Bath to a Full

Without a doubt, converting a half bath to a full bath adds value to your house. Thousands of dollars are sitting on the table for you to take if you make the consciences effort to have small walk in showers installed in some of your half baths. As a half bath already has a water and drainage hook up local, the installation of a stand-alone shower is relatively simple. If you’re not a handy person, contract out to a laborer with a good reputation: there’s nothing worse than having a major leak because something you did went wrong. It is a known fact that houses with more full bathrooms sell quicker. Waiting for family members outside of the bathroom door is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Even with just one small walk in shower installed in your house, you effectively cut your waiting time per family member in half. Don’t hesitate to convert using small walk in showers: time and money’s on the line!

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